About Shifting Gears

Hello there. We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Carolee Duckworth and Marie Langworthy, two retired, but fully engaged, Baby Boomers. When we first retired, we read every retirement book we could lay hands on, interviewed successful retirees, and floundered for awhile to design our own retirement paths. Then partnered up to co-author and publish Shifting Gears ToYour Life & Work After Retirement: A Roadmap to Transform Retirement Into the Best Time of Your Life. Other books have followed, including Shifting Gears to Your Career Working Online: Your Guide to Successfully Finding & Claiming Your Place in the Cyber-Workplace. 

The original edition of Shifting Gears ToYour Life & Work After Retirement was published in 2013, and won two silver book awards, with over 4000 copies sold. Now we have published the fully updated Second Edition of our book, packed with current and exciting guidance, following our signature 5-step process so that what you design for your own best retirement life and work will be uniquely perfect for you.

Shifting Gears is a call-to-action for retiring Boomers to challenge the antiquated version of retirement as life on the sidelines, and reinvent their own, more engaged and fulfilling, retirement, bringing meaning, purpose, and passion to the remaining 20-30 years of their lives.