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Drs. Duckworth and Langworthy have written a tour de force that is a "must read" for members of the Boomer generation who face a myriad of issues that transcend all previous generations in the United States. Shifting Gears is a gold mine of hard data, anecdotal stories, and invaluable sources of information for those of us who must make critical decisions in the immediate future regarding how we will spend this last phase of our lives.

Dr. Alan Hadad
Professor of Physics
Associate Vice President
Dean of University Magnet Schools
University of Hartford

“This is the most encompassing, yet practical book on transitioning career/life paths you will ever read.  Carolee and Marie have provided an amazing action guide to assist in making this “Shift” an exciting and well thought through process.  A must have!”

Dr. Ed Bice, III. Peak Performance Consultant and Author of: “Journey to Peak Experience” and “The Wisdom.”

"The road to retirement is filled with high hopes and good intentions, but all too often, those on that highway find only potholes and detours. For many, that important life decision triggers anxiety, self-doubt and indecision. In “Shifting Gears,” Langworthy and Duckworth provide a common sense pathway to a confident retirement decision. Instead of a "one size fits all cookie cutter" approach to retirement, they offer sage advice, planning information and direction for all individuals approaching retirement. It should be read early and often by pre-retirees contemplating one of life's major decisions."

George M. Reilly, Ed.D.

"Kudos on a great book and a new way of framing retirement, especially for those, who have never given thought to what they would best be suited for. A great "get off the couch and get moving" incentive. Fantastic!"

Marion DiGiammo, Mystic Connecticut

A must read. An extraordinary, mind-opening story of life and work after retirement. Possibilities are unlimited.

Jeanne Hawver, Retired Teacher & Business Owner

Shifting Gears is a veritable compendium of practical, insightful, realistic, and thoroughly 'user friendly' tips, techniques, processes, plans, and ideas for establishing and maintaining a comfortable, stable, life-affirming retirement specifically tailored to personal goals and needs. What is certain to be a popular addition to community library collections, Shifting Gears is an invaluable and instructive reference that should be read by anyone approaching, entering, or already engaged in retirement.

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