Based on the book, Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement, this course is a live, interactive implementation of the process of rediscovering and redesigning life and work after retirement, but within the energizing dynamics of group interaction and participation.

This hands-on workshop/seminar on Life and Work After Retirement is a personal and professional "call to action" for Boomers to re-invent their post-retirement life. By participating in this course, they will design their own unique roadmap to creating a ‘new’ experience of work, play, travel, and leisure--one that will make and keep them more content and fulfilled than ever during this, their last, best, and hopefully most productive life passage.

This workshop will jumpstart their drive to craft their own best next phase-- one that they want to, can and will experience with vitality, and a new infusion of enthusiasm. For many these life redesigns will include immediate needs to learn and acquire more, and possibly different, knowledge and skills. If so, they will be in a perfect place to discover what they need to learn next and take action to do so, since these Shifting Gears workshops/seminars primarily will be offered in college settings.

For Continuing Education departments interested in offering the Shifting Gears Course through your college, contact Barry Duckworth, Director of Course-in-a-Box at 704-408-2652. For prospective students seeking to enroll in a session of the Shifting Gears Course, call your local Community College Continuing Education Department to make your request.


Shifting Gears book cover

What Will the Shifting Gears Course Offer?

  • A copy of the book "Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement" to guide the process, including activities to be explored and discussed.
  • A 10-Point Retirement Countdown
  • 7 What-Comes-Next-Pathways
  • A 5-Step Process to Retirement Renewal
  • Active rediscovery of the SELF, including:
    • Values
    • Personality
    • Temperament
    • What THEY really WANT to do
    • When, Where & With Whom THEY Really want to do it!
  • 5 Major Types of Retirement Work Options, made possible and transformed by the Internet.

5-Step Process

What is Included in the Shifting Gears Course-in-a-Box?

  • Workshop/seminar syllabus.
  • Individual copies of the book, "Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement" for each participant.
  • PowerPoint slides (on CD) for workshop/seminar sessions.
  • Hand-out masters with all individual activities and explorations.
  • Detailed Lesson Plans for each class session.
  • Model promotional materials, in editable format, to announce the availability of the workshop.

Contact for: Shifting Gears Course-in-a-Box

Call or e-mail Barry Duckworth, Director of Course-in-a-Box.

Phone: 704-408-2652

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